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The Modern Balayage

Hair Market Salon Follow us @hairmarket125 Balayage Highlites done at Hair Market Salon. Hair Colour experts performing the best styles that suit your skin tone. Consult with your stylist to get advice on hair hues. For instance, warm skin tones should go for hues that are cool and cool skin tones should go for warm hair hues. These complimentary hues give the skin a healthier glow and contrast. Using the same tones with your skin tone will wash you out completely or make your look very dull. For those that don't know, a balayage is a technique unique to the expert stylist. Results differ from stylist to stylist. Overall, a balayage is great as a low maintenance option in comparison to highlights, which requires a 6-8 week touch up of the roots. A balayage tends to grow longer and still uphold its intended purpose and eventually over time, resembling a grown out version of an ombre. Come see one of our master stylist at Hair Market Salon located in the heart of Downtown, Toronto.

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