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Fall(and the cold) is Officially Here!

Updated: Nov 21

As you can all tell from the Toronto temperatures fall has finally reached us. Aside from bringing out our big cozy sweaters and getting our mugs of hot cocoa ready, its a beautiful time of year.

With the array of colours that the leaves on the trees changes to us in the hair industry are also reminded, as the seasons change our hair changes along with it. New fall trends have started to emerge and WE at HairMarket Salon are looking forward to sharing the newest hair fashion with you our beloved clients and friends.

We have just received our first order of Moroccanoil's Chocolate colour line for those looking for a change in hair colour that will look natural and will complement the changing with the autumn season.

Weather your looking for a new haircut, a change in colour, or to revitalized your hair as the seasons change we at HairMarket are here and ready to meet with you!

Happy Autumn!

Fall is Here at
Fall is Here at

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